Elephant Coloring Pages

If your little ones love elephants, our elephant coloring pages will surely bring them lots of joy and provide a delightful time coloring these fantastic animals.

Elephant Coloring Pages

Our elephant coloring pages are primarily designed for younger children in preschool or early elementary school. We’ve created simple and charming patterns showing elephants in various combinations and situations specifically for the youngest kids. The elephants in our coloring pages are perfect for small hands that are just learning to color. The images are large and clear, making coloring easy and enjoyable.

Elephant coloring page is sized to fit a US Letter sheet, so you can easily and quickly print them on your home printer without having to adjust or crop the images.


Big and small elephants can actually be colored in many different ways. Traditionally, elephants are gray, but kids can use their imagination and color them in various colors – for example, blue, pink, or green. As you can see, these simple elephant coloring pages not only entertain but also help children develop creativity and imagination.


Printable Elephant Coloring Pages

Additionally, as parents or caregivers, you can combine the fun of coloring with learning about animals. An introduction to coloring can be watching books or nature films about elephants together. This is an excellent opportunity to show children what these magnificent animals really look like. Then, the children can go back to their coloring pages and try to recreate what they saw.

Elephant coloring pages can also be a great idea for activities dedicated to elephants and their lives in preschool or school daycare. Children can color elephants together, making the fun even more joyful and integrating. We wish you a pleasant coloring experience!