Hot Wheels colouring book for kids

Hot Wheels Coloring Pages

The Hot Wheels colouring pages are a treat for all fans of car racing and the extremely popular series of small toy cars known as “Hot Wheels”.

What could be better for a little fan of colouring sheets, motoring and Hot Wheels cars than a colouring book featuring his favourite little cars?

Hot Wheels Pages

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In front of you is a carefully prepared series of Hot Wheels colouring pages, which you can download and print completely for free! The streamlined shapes, the distinctive flames on the bonnets and bodies of the cars, the modern design and the roar of the sports engines are sure to appeal to your child, who will spend several hours colouring in their favourite colouring books.

Free printable Hot Wheels colouring pages

Hot Wheels is a popular children’s toy brand, launched in 1968 by Mattel.

The unique miniature cars, created with complete attention to detail, while being incredibly fast and manoeuvrable, immediately gained popularity among children and teenagers. Over time, the circle of fans has also grown to include adults, who have also gone crazy about these amazing cars when playing together with their children.


It is interesting to note that Hot Wheels cars were designed by Elliot Handler, whose wife invented and designed the popular Barbie doll – both iconic toy series are published under the same brand name – Mattel.

The creators of Hot Wheels cars are constantly striving to design new custom products that will surprise their fans. As you colour in our Hot Wheels colouring pages, your children can join the Mattel engineers in creating their own new colour versions and designing their own unique models.


Painting the bodywork or rims in contrasting colours will stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity, making it incredibly fun. The finished drawing can become a decoration for the wall of a little car fan’s room or the door of the fridge in the kitchen, making it a daily delight for your eyes.


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