Lego Friends Coloring Pages free printable

Lego Friends Coloring Pages

Lego Friends coloring pages for girls is one of our favorite categories of coloring pages. Lego Friends colouring books tell the story of a group of five friends having amazing adventures. We meet the Lego Friends girls in films, TV shows, books and, most importantly, in Lego bricks from the Friends series – which, by the way, all girls probably know and love, but not only!

Lego Friends coloring pages

Together, our LEGO Friends play, work and almost daily solve the various puzzles that confront them in their Lego world. Overcoming obstacles is helped by their specific interests and talents, which develop and strengthen their friendship.

Our free Lego Friends colouring pages are a great way to have hours of great colouring fun with our amazing group of friends.

Each character has their own unique colour scheme and style, but there are no limits with our colouring books! Let your imagination and creativity create new combinations and and unique fashion styles for our friends.

To download the Lego Friends colouring pages in high resolution, simply click on one of the images below.

After the colouring fun, you can share your child’s finished artwork with us! Just send us a scan or a photo in a message on our facebook! We’d love it!

We add new, great colouring books for children almost every day, so we encourage you to visit our website often in search of new colouring books for your kids!