Mario Coloring Pages

Mario Coloring Pages

Mario coloring pages are brand new free coloring pages that have recently appeared in the

Super Mario Bros – as this is the full name of the hero of our coloring pages, is a character that has been known and recognized for decades. His immense popularity, which has continued uninterrupted since the 1980s, has made Mario colouring pages one of the most sought-after subjects for children of all ages to colour.

So without further ado – in front of you are more than 40 new and exciting Mario colouring sheets. 

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Mario Coloring Pages.

Mario coloring pages feature a host of fun characters that appeared in the popular video game series produced by Nintendo. These include, of course, the main characters – brothers Mario and Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Wario and more….

The popularity of the Mario Bros video game series translates into a huge demand from our youngest readers for Mario coloring pages. Here you can download them, print them out and then colour them in completely free of charge!

The colouring pages we have prepared present the plumber character Super Mario Bros, and his brother Luigi. All of our main character’s friends compete against each other while having crazy adventures. With our free Mario colouring sheets, children can create beautiful works of art inspired by the famous video game.

Interestingly, Mario does not only appear in pop culture in the form of colouring books or video games, he can also be found on clothing items such as hats, backpacks, shoes, T-shirts and much more.

Mario Coloring Pages. What does the Mario outfit look like?

Our main character – Mario – wears a red baseball cap with the distinctive letter ‘M’ on a white circle in the centre of the cap.  Mario Bros has a fair complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, a black moustache and a rather large ’round’ nose. 

Our hero’s outfit today is a red sweatshirt and blue dungarees with gold buttons. There are white gloves on his hands. He also has brown coloured work boots. Importantly, we have described Mario’s classic outfit above because his appearance in the games often changes depending on his accessories and so-called power ups.

With Mario’s colouring books, children will have no time for boredom. Colouring is an easy and enjoyable activity, which will undoubtedly stimulate the child’s imagination, at the same time exercising and training his or her motor skills as well as concentration or learning to recognise colours in the case of the youngest children.