PJ Masks coloring pages

A team of PJ Masks a little super heroes under the cover of night fight crime, while during the day they live the inconspicuous life of ordinary kindergarten children. Our little heroes experience amazing adventures together. Therefore, join the fun and choose our PJ Masks coloring pages. Because this is the original translation of the name of the French children’s series enjoying great popularity among the youngest viewers.

PJ Masks coloring pages

PJ Masks coloring pages

Our coloring books are based on the animated children’s series PJ Masks, which tells the adventures of three friends.

Connor, Greg and Amaya are ordinary children by day. However, when night falls and they put on pajamas and masks, they turn into superheroes Catboy, Gekko and Owlette,

Our heroes are just seemingly normal 6-year-old children – who live the quiet life of ordinary kindergarteners every day. When night falls, they combine their bracelets with pajamas and turn into superheroes – a team of PJ Masks.

At the moment when all the adults are sleeping soundly, the city is attacked by villains and only the Pj Masks team is able to save the world from evil. 

Evil hides in the form of criminals, and one of the villains – Romeo, who, together with his robot and team of villains, every night tries to put his evil plan to take over the world into action.

You can print them or download them to color. You can also offer them to your family and friends. The coloring pages will help your child focus on details, work on concentration and at the same time have a nice time relaxing with coloring.