Coloring Page Horse

Horses coloring pages

Horse coloring pages are great for children who are looking for cute pictures to paint with horses and ponies. The coloring books we have prepared are suitable for boys and girls of all ages. On our site you will find a wide selection of horse paintings, from cute and dignified mares to cute foals and funny pictures with characters from animated series.

Horses Coloring Pages.

Horses are considered one of the most beautiful animals. There are about 400 different breeds and varieties of horses around the world – many of them have special skills that are used, for example, in racing or beauty contests. Children love horses, mainly for their beautiful features and friendly attitude to people. Hence, to meet your expectations, we have created a wonderful collection of coloring books with horses, which you can print out and give to your little artists.

All horse lovers, both big and small, can enjoy from now on our coloring pages with horses, which they can download and print completely free. Our coloring books are great for horse-themed school or preschool activities or just to kill the boredom of a cold and rainy day! If you liked what you found here, please share our site with your family or friends.

Coloring Pages with horses.

Scroll through the whole page to see all the printable sheets with horses we have prepared for you. Our coloring sheets are high-resolution black and white drawings, suitable for printing in A4 sheet size. To download or print a high-resolution coloring sheet simply click on the image of your choice.

The horses or ponies depicted here can be seen in various positions and states; such as proudly standing on four legs, galloping or a wild horse with two legs raised high into the air. On some paintings the horses have a smooth coat, while on others you can see patches. When coloring, you can use standard colors, such as shades of beige, brown, gray, white or black, although this is not a determinant and you can get creative by painting the horses as you feel like it at the moment!