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Among Us Coloring Pages

Among Us Coloring Pages – If you’re a fan of the mobile game Among Us, you’ve come to the right place! We present the best Among Us coloring pages that you can download and print completely for free! Among Us coloring pages mainly consist of printable sheets featuring characters from the game – astronauts, impostors, and creatures, as well as a few fun game scenes.

Among Us Coloring pages.

Among Us is a mobile game released in 2018, which has since evolved with a desktop version due to its growing popularity. Its storyline is straightforward, taking us to outer space where we must complete various tasks to repair our spaceship and safely return to our planet. Unfortunately, in addition to typical malfunctions on our spacecraft, there are also monsters and saboteurs on board whose mission is to hinder us from completing all the necessary repairs.

Scroll down the page to see all the Among Us coloring pages we have prepared for you. To download and print a sheet, simply click on the image below and proceed to the printing page.

Among Us coloring pages are simple coloring sheets suitable for children of all ages. Personalized images give you the opportunity to color your favorite character as they are presented in the game. Our sheets feature the most popular Among Us characters with various available skins and accessories that we can see in the game.

Find your favorite Among Us coloring pages, download them, and print them out. Invite siblings, parents, or friends to enjoy coloring together in your free time! Have fun!