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Minions coloring pages

Minions Coloring Pages: Free Fun with Minion Characters

Welcome to our collection of free coloring pages, Minions Coloring! Click on the graphics and illustrations of Minions that you like, and you’ll be taken to the page where you can download A4-sized coloring sheets. Each Minion coloring page is a downloadable file that you can print directly from our website.

Minions Coloring Pages.

Ever since the hilarious movie “Despicable Me” hit the screens, both children and adults worldwide have gone crazy for these adorable little creatures known as Minions. The titular Minions featured in our coloring pages are small, pill-shaped, yellow beings whose antics and behavior provide plenty of laughter and entertainment, especially for young children. Since their first appearance, there have been several Minion-related films, and you can find these lovable characters on various gadgets, clothing, and school supplies. Naturally, this demand for Minion-themed coloring pages led to the creation of our Minions Coloring Pages. Take a look below at what we have prepared for you. We guarantee that Minion coloring sheets will provide hours of joy and entertainment for your little ones, especially during long autumn days or rainy weather.


Though at first glance, all Minions might seem the same, there are a few characters that stand out from the rest in terms of appearance and personality. Let’s get to know them before we start the coloring fun.


Kevin: Minion Kevin is a tall, friendly, and informal leader of the Minion gang of mischievous characters. His distinctive feature is a tuft of black hair on the top of his head, and he’s often seen wearing a golf outfit. Kevin loves to mock and tease people and the other Minions. You’ll find Kevin featured on our coloring pages too.


Stuart: Minion Stuart is a humorous character, easily recognizable due to having only one eye. He is of average height, and his black eyebrows are the only form of hair you’ll see on his head. Stuart loves to have fun and tends to get into trouble.

Bob: Short and almost round in body shape, Bob appears to be one of the youngest Minions. His personality reflects a childlike approach to the world and life, and he is often seen with toys. He loves everyone and everything and has a plush teddy bear named Tim who frequently accompanies him.

Dave: Next up is another well-known Minion. Dave is a medium-sized creature with two eyes and a few hairs on his head styled into a characteristic parting. He is funny, caring, kind, and intelligent, though he does have occasional mishaps. Dave enjoys playing video games, eating ice cream, and firing rockets from his launcher. In his spare time, he likes to bake cupcakes.

Gru: Of course, a list of notable characters in the Minion world wouldn’t be complete without Gru. Gru is a villain with a golden heart, and that’s what earned him the love of the Minions. Unlike the Minions, Gru is a human who has always dreamed of stealing the moon. Many of our coloring sheets feature Gru and other Minions.

Minions Coloring Pages.

Our Minions coloring pages undoubtedly offer children plenty of wonderfully spent moments, surrounded by funny scenes from the Minion movies. They depict Minions and Gru in amusing situations and outfits. As Halloween approaches, you can find Minion coloring pages with them dressed as Dracula. We assure you that our printable sheets will provide many entertaining ideas for children and parents during chilly autumn and winter evenings, and beyond.

Free Minions Coloring Pages.

Especially for you, we have prepared selected scenes featuring Kevin, Stuart, Bob, Dave, and Gru. So, get your favorite crayons, markers, or paints ready and organize a coloring party. It’ll be a fantastic way to ensure hours of fun for children, classrooms, or birthday party attendees.