Mulan coloring pages

Mulan coloring pages (100% free printable)

Get your favorite crayons and markers ready because you’re about to go on a colorful journey to the Chinese province where the legend of Mulan starts. Discover with us over 30 great Mulan coloring pages that you can print totally for free.


Mulan coloring pages.

Mulan is a young girl who, to save her sick dad from being drafted into the army, dresses as a man and goes with the army to protect the country from attackers.


We love to watch the adventures of warrior Mulan in the Disney movie with our kids from time to time. Fascinated by Mulan’s adventures, we decided to create for you a collection of free Mulan coloring pages.

In preparing these Mulan coloring pages for you, we focused on showing the brave heroine, her friends dragon Mushu, tiny Cri-Kee, and Captain Li Shang. The scenes you find in our Mulan coloring pages show her highs and lows, hard times during training, and joy from triumph and moments with family and friends.

Scroll down the page and pick your favorite free Mulan coloring sheets. We wish you a lot of fun!

If you love to color and are also fans of legends and Mulan, you’ve come to the right place. If you don’t know Mulan yet, our collection of coloring pages will for sure bring you closer to the main characters and the rest of the funny characters in the movie.