Shopkins coloring pages

Are you ready for some great coloring fun with cute Shopkins series collectible figures? Then get to work! In front of you a unique Shopkins coloring pages collection!

Each Shopkins figurine has its own name, unique look and hobby. So far, several hundred unique Shopkins have been released in several series! At we have prepared for you dozens of fantastic free coloring pages with characters of selected Shopkins series.

Shopkins coloring pages.

Shopkins coloring pages are a guarantee of great fun for several hours for children and adults. Coloring selected Shopkins together is a great way to spend time together and deepen family relationships. In addition to being fun, Shopkins coloring sheets are a method to develop creativity, thinking, concentration and patience for children of all ages.

The Shopkins coloring pages, prepared by us, you can download completely free, in high resolution and then print on your printer at home. To go to the coloring book in a larger size just click on the thumbnail of your choice. While coloring you can use all your favorite artistic means such as poster paints, markers or crayons to bring these black and white Shopkins drawings to life.

Each of the figures has been carefully designed and crafted, which makes children dream of collecting the largest collection possible. The Shopkins are manufactured by Moose Toys, founded in 1985 in Australia. The Shopkins figures were introduced and marketed in 2014 and were almost immediately loved by children around the world. The undoubted success and immense popularity of Shopkins is evidenced by the fact that by December 2015 alone, more than 115 million sets and figures associated with the “Shopkins” series had been sold worldwide!


Free Shopkins printable coloring pages.

Shopkins visually refer to popular items you find in grocery stores or supermarkets; such as a chocolate bar, chocolate chip cookie, candy apple, pear, toaster or TV remote control. The Shopkins series also features human characters in the mix called Shoppies. Once you’ve colored your favorite Shopkins coloring page we hope you’ll share them on our Facebook page so we can see them!