The Little Mermaid coloring pages

The Little Mermaid Coloring Pages – welcome to the fantastic underwater world of Little Mermaid Ariel and her friends Eric, Sebastian, and Flounder.

Below, we present beautiful The Little Mermaid Coloring Pages that you can download in high resolution for free. Then, you can print the coloring sheets on your home printer in the standard A4 format and engage in what we love most – coloring.

The Little Mermaid


Disney’s Little Mermaid is a fantastic production, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s beautiful fairy tale about the mermaid Ariel. The fairy tale’s heroine resides with her friends in the vast ocean. One day, Ariel saves the handsome Prince Eric from a sinking ship – a turning point in the life of the Little Mermaid.

Because of this, she decides at all costs to enter the human world to find the prince. Unfortunately, driven by emotions and infatuation, Ariel makes an unfavorable deal with the sea witch Ursula. In exchange for legs and a chance to meet Prince Eric again, Ariel gives up her tail and voice. Shortly after, Ariel discovers that the deal with Ursula was a bad decision that carries a series of consequences.

This Disney princess’s story is adored by young children who dream of being a beautiful mermaid, singing and dancing in the depths of the oceans. So why not let your child color and unleash their creativity and imagination?

Download and print our free sheets titled “The Little Mermaid  Coloring Pages” and let your child’s imagination run wild for hours with crayons and colors.