Groundhog Day coloring pages

Groundhog Day coloring pages are our suggestion for All who want to celebrate one of the most unique and fun weather traditions celebrated annually, February 2. On this special day, we all watch with anticipation as a charming marmot named Phil, in the town of Punxsutawney, does a very important job – he predicts the weather for the coming weeks! Regardless of the outcome of the work, or basically the observation of our charming friend, our free coloring pages for Groundhog Day are sure to brighten your day and make it more enjoyable.

Groundhog Day coloring pages

On the occasion of Groundhog Day, we have prepared for you 16 wonderful coloring sheets with groundhogs, which will make your wait for the weather prediction by the groundhog more pleasant What’s most important, all our coloring sheets are completely free. You can print one, two or all of them creating an amazing coloring book for Groundhog Day? Our coloring pages are a great way for kids of all ages to celebrate this special day.

Legend has it that if our furry friend, groundhog Phil, sees his shadow coming out of his burrow, we’ll have to prepare for another six weeks of cold winter. But if Phil doesn’t see his shadow that day, it will mean that spring will come sooner and we can already slowly prepare for warmer days!

Finding fun activities for kids that are both educational and entertaining can be a challenge, especially during winter when we’ve exhausted all ideas. But now with our great collection of free Groundhog Day coloring pages, you and your kids can have another creative and colorful day!

Groundhog Day Free printable coloring pages

Our Groundhog Day coloring pages offer a variety of themes from simple graphics for younger children, to more intricate groundhog sheets for teens and adults. Teachers are also encouraged to download our coloring sheets for use in their Groundhog Day themed activities. So, don’t wait any longer, lay out the markers, crayons or paints, let your children choose the coloring sheet they like best and then download and print the coloring pages on your home printer. It’s time to start the marmot coloring fun!