Poppy and Branch Coloring Page

Trolls Coloring Pages

Welcome to our website dedicated to Troll coloring pages! Here, you will find a collection of fantastic coloring pictures featuring your favorite characters from this popular animation. Trolls coloring pages offer a wonderful musical and colorful adventure suitable for children of all ages. Below, we have prepared coloring pages with characters such as Princess Poppy, the leader of the trolls, her friend Branch, DJ Suki, Bridget, and King Peppy. With our coloring pages, children can have fun, develop their artistic skills, and embark on adventures with the Trolls.


Trolls Coloring Pages

All Trolls coloring pages are available below for download and easy high-resolution printing, so you can use them at home or in school. Check them all out now and start your Troll adventure!

All the coloring pages on our website are free, including the Troll coloring pages. This activity is an easy and convenient way to foster creativity without leaving the comfort of your home. Since all the coloring pages can be downloaded and printed at any time, it allows for customization based on individual needs and abilities. We have provided various levels of difficulty and themes for coloring, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Who are the characters in our coloring pages – the Trolls?

The Trolls are popular animated characters from the DreamWorks production, telling the story of a troll family living in a colorful forest. The main protagonist is Poppy, the leader of the trolls, who must face the hostile Bergens, a group trying to capture the trolls to take their joyous, colorful hair. Poppy and her friends, Branch, DJ Suki, and King Peppy, must unite their strengths and utilize their unique talents to defeat the Bergens and save their family and friends.

The Troll animation, which serves as inspiration for our coloring pages, is filled with joy, adventure, and lessons about friendship and bravery. Colors also play a significant role, as trolls love colors! They have vibrant outfits and beautiful, colorful hair, which is their most cherished attribute. This theme extends to the Trolls coloring pages, allowing children to develop their artistic skills by coloring their favorite vibrant characters from the animation.

Troll coloring pages foster creativity.

Trolls coloring pages are an excellent way to foster creativity and artistic skills in children. They can color the pages according to the color scheme from the animation, but they can also experiment and create their own versions of the characters. It’s a great opportunity to stimulate imagination, creativity, and engage in discussions about colors and their use in art. Coloring also helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.