Shimmer and Shine coloring pages

Coloring pages Shimmer and Shine, the beloved princesses from the magical realm of Zahramay, are now available for download. Shimmer and Shine are teenage twin princesses with incredible powers that allow them to grant three wishes every day. They team up with their human friend, Leah, embarking on countless extraordinary adventures while using their magical abilities to solve challenging tasks.

Shimmer and Shine Coloring Pages

These coloring pages Shimmer & Shine are suitable for children of all ages and can be an excellent learning tool for kids. Characters from cartoons often have the power to influence children’s personalities from a very young age. Additionally, coloring allows children to unleash their potential and creativity while improving their motor skills, which will undoubtedly be beneficial in their future school endeavors.

Have you ever imagined how wonderful it would be to befriend genies who can make your every wish come true? If this fantasy has crossed your mind, don’t hesitate to step into the magical palace of Zahramay, where two tiny princesses, Shimmer and Shine, are waiting for you. Join the magical, fantasy-filled world of colors and fun with our coloring pages Shimmer and Shine.

Our Shimmer and Shine Coloring Sheets

Our coloring pages primarily feature the main characters from the show, including Shimmer and Shine, as well as their adorable animal companions, Tala the monkey, and Nahal the tiger. Just like with other coloring pages on our website, all of the ones featuring Shimmer and Shine can be downloaded and printed entirely for free.


Coloring can be a fantastic activity for children to engage their imagination and develop essential skills while having fun. The adventures of Shimmer and Shine, along with Leah, will come to life as your little ones add vibrant colors to the pages. Download these free coloring pages and let your child’s creativity shine!