Rapunzel coloring pages. Tangled pictures to color

Rapunzel Coloring Pages

Rapunzel coloring pages are a great way to spend time coloring your favorite characters from the Disney production film titled “Tangled. “Tangled” This film, debuted in 2010, based on the German fairy tale about the long-haired Rapunzel, derived from a story by the Brothers Grimm.

Although the story of Rapunzel has been known for a long time, it found new life in Disney’s version, differing slightly from the written original, but this did not prevent it from gaining enormous popularity and thus stealing many hearts of viewers around the world. Rapunzel’s constant popularity also manifests itself in the demand for coloring sheets, which we decided to prepare for you, and the results of our work are presented below.

Rapunzel coloring pages.

In this our collection of coloring pages with Rapunzel you will find more than 30 new illustrations related to the movie “Tangled“, which you can download and print for free. Rapunzel coloring pages start from images of Rapunzel herself to Flynn, Maximus the horse, Pascal the chameleon, Mother Gothel and many other characters – all waiting for you to express your creativity and paint the world of these characters anew.

Free printable Rapuzel coloring pages.

Rapunzel coloring pages, which you can find in our gallery, are not only great entertainment for children, but also a celebration of the beauty and charm of this extremely popular character. Rapunzel, known for her long golden hair and distinctive purple dress, has always delighted audiences with her charm and indomitable spirit. For children who love “Tangled,”  coloring Rapunzel is a great fun activity that they are sure to enjoy. 

Coloring Rapunzel is also a great way to develop artistic skills and spend time in an active and enjoyable way. We believe that whether you are a child or an adult Disney fan, the Rapunzel – Tangled coloring sheets will bring you joy and satisfaction from creating something new and beautiful.

Once you’ve downloaded the Rapunzel coloring pages from our site, all you have to do is print them out and immerse yourself in the magical world of the movie. You can decide whether you want to stay true to Rapunzel’s original look or experiment with new colors and patterns.

Once you’ve finished painting, we encourage you to share your creations with other Rapunzel fans on our Facebook page. Remember that creativity knows no bounds, so use your imagination and make Rapunzel come to life on a piece of paper. We would be pleased if you share the link to this page with your family or friends, it will allow us to increase our reach and reach other coloring book fans.

We are happy to bring you these coloring pages with Rapunzel and hope they will inspire your artistic soul. Our collection of coloring pages is growing regularly, so you can always come back for more coloring adventures with Rapunzel or for other coloring pages from fairy tales and video games.