The Incredibles coloring pages

The Incredibles Coloring Pages

The Incredibles coloring pages are our latest offer for All fans of this funny animated Disney Pixar production telling us about the fate of a secret family of super heroes.

The Incredibles coloring pages

Discover our coloring pages inspired by the events and characters from the movie The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2. They feature Bob Parr – Mr. Incredible, Helen Parr (known in the world of super heroes as Elastgirl), Violet Parr, Max Parr, Jackson Parr, Frozone and the sinister Syndrome. All our coloring books are completely free, you can download them in convenient US Letter / A4 format and print them on your home printer.

Free printable The Incredibles coloring pages

The Incredibles coloring pages set of a dozen black and white printable sheets that you can download and print at home completely free.

The Incredibles is the story of a family endowed with super powers, who one day decide to take off their masks, shed their capes and retire to the proverbial “retirement”. All this in order to be able to lead like others – a quiet life in the suburbs. The children of our main characters have special powers, but thanks to the maintenance of secrecy, they are unaware of the history of their parents.

Unexpectedly, however, after 15 years, Bob Parr, the head of the family – once known to the world Mr. “Incredible” is commissioned to help people fight a deadly robot. The robot is created and controlled by a former “Incredibles” fan, who at one point decided to destroy all superheroes.

The world is threatened with destruction, it is an unprecedented situation, and Mr. “Incredible” was not used to refuse. However, the situation becomes complicated when it turns out that Bob’s long break in activity has made it not as easy to complete the task as it might seem, and the help of the rest of the family is needed. And that’s just the beginning…

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