Butterfly coloring pages

Butterfly coloring pages

Butterfly coloring pages are definitely one of our favorite categories of coloring pages. Especially for all fans of butterflies and their beautiful coloring, we have created a dozen fantastic coloring pages with butterflies.

Butterfly coloring pages

You can download them completely free, then print and get down to coloring. On our site you will find a wide range of coloring pages with butterflies such as; cartoon butterflies for preschoolers, butterflies in the garden, more complicated butterfly designs for adults and more demanding coloring book fans; and coloring pages with fairies that have butterfly wings. Each butterfly you will find in our coloring sheets has been carefully designed to provide not only fun to paint, but also education about the diversity of the natural world. 

To download a coloring page with a butterfly, click on the image of your choice.

Free printable Butterfly coloring pages.

The sight of a butterfly flying in the garden brings a smile to the lips of most children. Despite their small size, butterflies are considered one of the most beautiful and wonderful insects in the world. Their beautiful colors, fascinating patterns and marvelous metamorphosis causes delight in both children and adults. 

Surely each of us once went in pursuit of a butterfly flying from flower to flower. It happened mostly, when we were children. Now, thanks to the butterfly coloring pages, you have the opportunity to enhance your child’s imagination and take him to the world of insects. Our printable coloring pages depict butterflies in various shapes and sizes. Surely there is something for everyone here. 

Ask your child to show his ingenuity and creativity by combining different colors so as to fill the entire coloring sheets with butterflies. Without a doubt, he will create a beautiful masterpiece that will proudly hang on the refrigerator or the wall of his room. Our sheets can also be used during school, or kindergarten classes and even as an interesting game during a birthday party. Therefore, do not wait and download butterfly coloring pages now and enjoy together with your children, great fun. 


Our free butterfly colouring pages will positively affect the development of your child, help develop motor skills, which in the future will result in learning to write. So for the youngest, we recommend coloring books with larger areas to fill in, which will help them learn to use colors. On the other hand, for older children and adults we have prepared more detailed designs – such as mandalas, which will allow them to express their artistic personality. Butterfly coloring is also a great form of relaxation and a break from the daily hustle and bustle. 

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