Moana Coloring Page

Moana coloring page

Moana coloring pages are a great option for all children who love creative games and are fans of the animated film about the brave and independent Moana. Thanks to free Moana printable coloring pages, children can easily develop their manual and artistic skills while learning more about the characters from the popular Disney animation.

Moana coloring pages

The animated film, titled Moana, debuted in 2016 and immediately won the hearts of children and adults around the world. It tells the story of the adventures of young Moana, the daughter of a chief on an island, who embarks on a journey full of dangers to save her island and find the lost jewel – the Heart of the Ocean. The fairy tale has gained popularity due to its beautiful graphics, wonderful songs and interesting storyline, which touches on important themes such as friendship, sacrifice and courage.


All of the following coloring pages with Moana and her friends are available for free download in high resolution. So, you can easily print them on your printer at home and enjoy the fun of coloring anytime. To download a coloring book, just click the thumbnail from the gallery below and save it to your computer. We have prepared all Moana coloring sheets in standard and easy to print A4 format.

Coloring is great fun and has many benefits for child development. Thanks to Moana coloring sheets, children develop their manual and artistic skills, as well as learn about different colors and their names. In addition, coloring has a positive effect on the child’s concentration and patience, and allows them to relax and unwind.

Free printable Moana coloring pages.


Thus, Moana coloring pages are an excellent option for children who love creative games and fascinating fairy tales. With our free printable coloring books, children can get to know more about the characters from their favorite animation and develop their artistic skills in a simple and fun way. Moana is a fairy tale that has captured the hearts of children all over the world, and coloring is the perfect way to immerse yourself even more deeply in its magical world.


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