Rainbow High coloring pages

Rainbow High Coloring Pages

Rainbow High coloring pages are a series of free printable sheets depicting characters of fashion dolls in different color versions. The plot of Rainbow High focuses on a group of female students of a school for fashion designers who dream of creating their own unique collection of clothes. Each of the dolls represents a different style and has a unique personality, so each girl can choose her favorite character.

Rainbow High coloring pages

Rainbow High coloring pages are not only fun, but also a way to play the role of a fashion designer who creates her own designs and experiments with colors and patterns. Rainbow High inspires creativity and imagination, as well as the ability to design and create something new on your own.

Rainbow High coloring sheets are great entertainment for girls who want to feel like real fashion designers and create their own unique version of the doll. The free Rainbow High coloring sheets available on our site allow you to easily and quickly download and print your drawings at home, making this fun activity accessible to everyone, regardless of location or budget.

Free Rainbow High coloring pages to download and print.

Rainbow High printable coloring pages are a great activity for girls of all ages. Choose your favorite doll to color her the way you like!


Free printable Rainbow High coloring pages.

Rainbow High is a brand of children’s dolls that has rapidly gained enormous popularity among girls around the world. Its phenomenon lies in the exceptionally attractive appearance of the characters and a wide range of clothes and gadgets, which allow a great deal of freedom in play. Recently, Rainbow High also lived to see a screen adaptation in the form of a series on the Netflix and Youtube platforms. 


Rainbow High dolls have gained immense popularity among girls, especially at preschool and early school age. Mainly due to the fact that girls love to create new versions of the dolls and decorate them in their own style, making them feel that they are creative designers of fashion dolls. Rainbow High coloring pages give such an opportunity on paper which further creates an educational character of play, so we are sure that our child spends time in a creative and developing way.


If you have other fans among your friends who also love coloring and Rainbow High then sharing the link to our site with free coloring books with them will be a great idea. In addition, you can offer them to color together, exchange ideas on colors and patterns, and share their fantastic projects. In this way, Rainbow High coloring can become not only fun, but also a way to build relationships and spend time with loved ones.