Poppy and Branch Coloring Page Trolls

Trolls coloring pages

Trolls coloring pages are free printable graphics prepared especially for the youngest Trolls fans. Choose which Trolls coloring pages will be the best for you! 

Deep in the magical land live the Trolls, tiny, colorful animated creatures who live to spread joy, hug and sing cheerful songs. Also meet the main characters – Princess Poppy and her friend Branch.

Trolls coloring Pages.

Our Trolls coloring pages are an introduction to a world of love and joy! Children simply fell in love with the movies about Trolls. In turn, the Trolls taught us all that even if something in life does not go according to plan, we can find a song in our hearts that will help us overcome any obstacle. We love the colorful colors and designs of each Troll. From the world they live in to the musical instruments they play, everything is cheerful and almost screams “Love!” 

Trolls Coloring Pages.

Above we have some free coloring sheets and exercises for you. Our Trolls coloring sheets are completely free, you can download and print them at home. Check out and print all Trolls coloring pages from our site and enjoy coloring to your heart’s content!

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